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Rankin offers a wide range of state-of-the-art dehumidifiers that are ideal for a wide range of commercial applications for spaces big and small. Whether there is visible seepage on your property or you simply want to remove that unattractive musty odor that is often caused by humid conditions, our knowledgeable staff will help you choose a dehumidifier that perfectly suits your needs.

There are several steps you can take to assure your dehumidifier operates at peak performance.

Most models are equipped with a removable plastic receptacle. A warning light will indicate when the container needs to be emptied and the unit will automatically shut down when it is filled. You can avoid the task of manually emptying the bucket by installing a hose that will allow the collected moisture to drain into a sump pump or drain.

Great care should be taken in the placement of your unit to ensure maximum performance and safety.

All manufacturer warnings regarding electrical safety should be observed.  Water drainage equipment should never be set up near electrical equipment cords, or outlets. If a hose is being used to drain your unit, it should be placed close enough to the drainage location to avoid making the hose a possible tripping hazard.

All doors and windows in the space that is being dehumidified should remain closed to prevent excess humidity from intruding and the unit should be installed away from grill- and coil-clogging agents like dirt and dust.

If your dehumidifier does not have a top-mounted air discharge, it should be placed in an isolated location, away from furniture and walls, so that air can circulate freely around the unit.

Some specialized dehumidifiers are capable of operating at temperatures as cool as 42 degrees Fahrenheit, but most units operate best when the temperature is 65 degrees or warmer. Frost can accumulate on the coils in a cool environment, causing the dehumidifier to malfunction. Many models come equipped with a sensor that will cause the unit to shut down when frost begins to accumulate.

The relative humidity (RH) of your property should be between 30-50 percent. An RH above 50 percent promotes the growth of bacteria. During the winter when a furnace is operating, an RH above 40 percent can cause window condensation. Most dehumidifiers come equipped with a humidistat that enables the user to regulate a desired RH.

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